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Located in the surrounding of Hasbaya region, Mount Hermon is the pride of the Nabatiyeh Governorate. The diversity of olive trees constitutes a huge richness to the Lebanese lands. As olive cultivars vary in Hasbaya from Souri to Abu Chawkeh, their abundance and taste differ, while preserving the healthiest nutrition facts of extra virgin olive oil. Come and discover the land where many dedicated farmers and millers join to offer you the best of the Hasbaya region.

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We are located in Hasbaya, Nabatiyeh Governorate, South of Lebanon. Here, we provide services and assistance to farmers and millers within Hasbaya District, and we store, blend and bottle our selection of pure organic extra virgin olive oils. We directly deliver all over Lebanon to hotels, restaurants and clients, who can also find our products near their home. Discover where.

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