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Mount Hermon, a Premium extra virgin olive oil brand inspired by the beauty and history of the magnificent lands of Hasbaya located in South Lebanon. As you wander around this breathtaking area which falls on the banks of the Hasbani River, at the base of “Jabal Haramoun”, you will discover how truly unique this Lebanese mountain is. As you get closer to the mesmerizing olive yards, in any of the sixteen towns of Hasbaya District, whispers and constant talks are heard: it’s the sound of the Lebanese farmers confiding their secrets to their beloved authentic olive trees.


The farmer cherishes his olive trees and protects them, making sure they are kept safe and healthy. Throughout the year, this evergreen flourishes thanks to these passionate farmers, who keep the soil drained and the trees fed. They wait impatiently for harvest season, to handpick their fruits and put their utmost care and love into them. Then, the magic happens; olives are pressed, and the best quality extra virgin olive oil is extracted to reach every household on the Lebanese land and serve an authentic rich taste on every table.


Our premium extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) grew among other types of olive oil to become a signature ingredient included in every meal. Whether it’s added to the local “Labneh”, the famous “Hummus” plate, or the healthy green “Tabbouleh”, “Mount Hermon Olive Oil” is now an integral element in the authentic Lebanese culinary traditions and considered as a butter substitute thanks to its benefits and rich nutritional facts: Organic, Low in acidity, Low peroxide, Rich in polyphenol, Pure authentic rich taste.

Get taken away by the distinctive taste flavor of our extra virgin olive oil, carrying the distinguished name of Mount Hermon, Lebanon’s most mythical and precious produce.

Mount Hermon's Oil is considered as the Mediterranean’s treasure, and Hasbaya’s heritage, and culture.


The Mount Hermon Olive Oil Consortium supports the development of the olive oil sector of Hasbaya region, in the South of Lebanon. The Consortium promotes a culture of high-quality organic olive oil, merging rooted traditions with innovative techniques and procedures to meet international standards. It provides farmers, millers and other local actors with chemical tests and technical assistance all along the production chain.

Our one-of-a-kind “Mount Hermon” olive oil is not only the fruit of olives; it is also the result of an inseparable relationship with dedicated farmers and millers. However, what makes Hasbaya region renowned for its production of olive oil is the dedication of its farmers. Each farmer in the region of Hasbaya owns at least one dunum of olive trees and has produced its own large or small quantity of oil generation after generation. The experience in cultivating and harvesting olives, bringing them to the mill and getting one’s own oil is a part of the family traditions and allows to get rich-flavored products out of Hasbaya’s climate and fertile different soils. We started working with seventy five farmers to improve their traditional practices and assure traceability from the field.


Experts are making sure to implement the latest methods in processing the best extra virgin olive oil in Lebanon and to maintain the same high-quality. Now, our pressing processes are getting modernized and completely up to the international standards. Moreover, we build up our own storing and bottling facility, with a mobile laboratory for testing, in order to assure quality and quantity on time to our customers.

Mount Hermon consortium assures traceability, aiming at fair trade and organic certifications. It develops different blends based on sensory panels and it sells branded local olive oil in different formats, both in national and international markets. The Mount Hermon Olive Oil Consortium is a partnership between Italian and Lebanese civil society, local institutions, and agricultural research centres.

Mount Hermon EVOO is the first product in the Mount Hermon line; however, it is our belief that together, we can grow!



The project “DOT Olive – Olive growers in Hasbaya for a place-of-origin quality brand” is implemented by the Italian NGO Celim in collaboration with El Khalil Foundation, LARI "Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute", Chico Mendes Cooperativa and ISF "Ingegneria per lo Sviluppo" under the framework of the Strategy of the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture and the Lebanese Crisis Response Plan.
The project Dot Olive intends to contribute to the improvement of the resilience conditions of the population of the rural areas of the Hasbaya District engaged in the olive oil sector, by addressing problems such as quality/cost ratio of the production,  competitivity of the product on national and international markets and environmental sustainability of the supply chain.





This website is funded within the project “DOT Olive – Olive growers in Hasbaya for a place-of-origin quality brand AID011865” managed by the Italian NGO Celim and financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.